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Changing the Narrative

Spring is in the air and I’ve been thinking….

Recently, I have started to “edit my narrative” and in doing so, I am becoming aware of the huge part I play in creating my experiences and my story. Changing my narrative to better align with my hopes, dreams and desires means making micro sized choices everyday in lieu of repeating patterned behavior. It takes practice and awareness and the willingness to truly review, question and decide. It’s actually been quite fun!

My intention:
-Catching myself in a given situation and taking a moment to re-frame and act from being in present, not in the past.
-Choosing rather defaulting and letting habits prevail.
-Willingness to not repeat old stories and being open to new points of view, including my own!
-Taking the time to rewrite old stories and then creatively writing new versions.
-Willingness to vulnerable which I am finding feels brave.

Here is a quick article about rewriting our story:
Photo by Florian Klauer

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