Balanced Life

Knowing when it’s time to get away from it all & when to immerse yourself.

The Christmas holidays are a wonderful time to travel and connect with family and friends and New Years is a great time to look at the year gone by and ahead toward the fresh New Year brimming with possibility. On New Years eve, I like to reflect on questions that remind me of experiences, achievements and areas in my life that I am continuing to work on with the passing of each year. On New Years day, I like to design a refreshed plan of action and ask myself questions that will evoke new dreams and aspirations.  I share both of the following questionnaires with family and friends and love to hear not only my own ideas emerge but those of others so I may be more aware of how to support their dreams in the New Year as well. It’s about building community wherein we help one another.  Who wants to live on an island and do all the work with no one to share the joy of accomplishment?  Plus, it’s fun!

Clarify, Edit, Imagine, Create

The questions help me clarify and edit, imagine and create.  Most importantly, they help me design and implement an action plan.  Here are a couple of my favorites questionnaires…please feel free to download and let me know what you think!

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