Balanced Life

Tending the winter garden

“Sometimes our fate resembles a fruit tree in winter.  Who would think that those branches would turn green again and blossom, but we hope it, we know it”  

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

They say winter is a time of stillness, a time for reflection.  

With gratitude I look back and with hope I look forward each day and each moment.  Winter is a terrific time to direct our focus to what is most important and to what brings us joy.  It is a time of deep rest and a replenishment of sorts.  The days now growing longer after the winter solstice and their increasing light helps us move toward Spring with a renewed outlook.  I love winter as it has always been a great time to be in the studio, honing my skills and/or teaching others to find a mind body connection.

It’s a great time to do the work and prepare for Spring.  This is the time of year that I like to rehearse and choreograph.  This is the season for taking courses and refreshing my knowledge base.  This is the time to gather and learn and prepare to blossom!

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